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GABE founded the Leader Huddle Podcast in early 2021. With a passion for leadership and a desire for personal development, Gabe's vision was to create a podcast that would bring the voices of influential and dynamic leaders together to share, teach and inspire every listener. Gabe's passion for leadership has led him to focus his academic studies on leadership as well as author his first book, Seeds: Essential Principles of Christian Leadership. Gabe currently serves in several different leadership roles within both the ministry of his local church as well his professional career.

RYAN joined the Leader Huddle Podcast halfway through the first season after his guest appearance as a leader expert on the topic of Flexible Leadership. Gabe and Ryan's friendship goes back over 10 years and it just made sense that they host the show together! Ryan's introduction to leadership in ministry started from his childhood as he witnessed firsthand his father's ministry, then Evangelist and now Pastor Shawn Dunahoe. Ryan is also a Veteran of the United States Army, where he gained a wealth of leadership training and experience as well. Currently, Ryan serves in ministry and leadership at his local church and is passionate about leadership development. Last, but not least, Ryan is the humor of the show - you can always catch his one-liners or practical jokes in each episode!

LORRAINE joined the Leader Huddle Podcast at the transitional period from the first season to the second season and she was the answer to Gabe's and Ryan's prayers! Armed with an arsenal of technical skills and past experience managing social media accounts for several successful businesses, Lorraine agreed to join the Leader Huddle Team as the new Social Media Director. Though you may not see her face as much as Gabe's and Ryan's, she is in the background constantly working her magic and making Gabe and Ryan look good. She is the genius behind our social media and online presence and she is the glue that keeps this team together! 



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